(c) Thomas Herbrich

Has the Eagle landed?

On July 20th, 1969, "the Eagle has Landed" - the Men conquered the Moon!

Or not?

The story of Apollo 11, during the last five decades, became "a mother to all conspiracy theories." Hundreds (or thousands) of people and organizations (nations even) denied the fact of landing on the Moon. Today, the story of this deny, is maybe even more thrilling, than the reality of Moon landing.

On June 12th, 6x7 Leica Gallery in Warsaw (www.leica-gallery.pl), opened an exhibition of the project by German photographer, Thomas Herbrich, entitled "The Truth about the Moon Landing." Check out the project here: open.

"Why do we believe in pictures more than in words?" - Herbrich asks

To help finding the answer to this question, together with our Partner - National Film School in Łódź (film school.lodz.pl), Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (asp.waw.pl )and with support of Leica Camera, we announce the creative photography contest - a 6x7 AWARD 2019! "Has the Eagle landed?".

Your goal is to answer with photographs (up to five) or short film (up to 15 seconds). Everybody's invited, all is allowed - you can use any technique, submit images that are true or fake, real or manipulated, proving or denying the Moon Landing - it's all up to you - your idea and creativity!

But remember: we wanna have fun, and we want you to have fun!

You have a time till August, 29th 2019.

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